Hello! I'm Kate.


I am addicted to potential and black coffee. I live in Atlanta, GA, where I work as a Director of Innovation and Team Formation for a global nonprofit. Outside of my day job, you can find me enjoying every tasty bite of the local food culture, picking up heavy barbells and asking deep questions that move people toward their goals.  I'm energized by new ideas, and even more thrilled when I can help you realize yours in the context of a life that works. 

Top 5 Talents (StrengthsFinder): Connectedness, Ideation, Strategic, Positivity, Woo



I am a coach and consultant for entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers. Here's what I can offer to draw out the greatness in you and your team:

Banish Balance (to find life giving rhythms)

Personal coaching for a life that works. Forget trying to endlessly balance your life and career on a scale that never seems to even out. We'll find what gives you energy and joy, and intentionally incorporate these things into a rhythm of life that is sustainable for you.

Knock Out Burnout (to find sustainable passion)

Is doing what you love (almost) killing you? Many innovators just like you are experiencing burnout, even before the age of 30. Don't let your passion knock you down! Whether you're on the edge or just coming back from burnout, let's take this on together. We'll look at the contributing habits, factor in your non-negotiables and come up with some healthy rhythms to get you back in your ring and making a difference.

Pump up performance! 

Discover your individual or team strengths and personality preferences. We'll move from awareness to action with individual or group coaching. You'll walk away knowing how to best leverage your talents and preferences for peak performance.


Please use the contact form for all coaching inquiries. I'd love to hear from you! 

Kate Hilderbrandt is a Certified Professional Life Coach through CMI Global. She also completed a certification in StrengthsFinder coaching through Gallup, and is knowledgeable in personality preferences using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.