Hello! I’m Kate.

I help womxn who are tired of making themselves smaller feel empowered to expand, take up space, and lead from who they are.


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Expand your spirit

Become more of who you are! We’ll look at personality and strengths, find what gives you energy and joy, and intentionally incorporate these things into a rhythm of life that is abundant and sustainable.

Expand your impact

Have a goal you’re feeling stuck on? A dream that just won’t jump off the page of your journal? Let’s work together to bring your passion to life.

Expand your leadership 

Want to do leadership differently? Pour some awesome femme-energy into your management by learning how to lead YOUR way, while nurturing and leveraging the strengths of your team for increased performance.


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Meet Kate

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I am addicted to potential and black coffee. I live in Atlanta, GA, where you can find me enjoying every tasty bite of the local food culture, playing at the dog park with my puppy, Rosie, picking up heavy barbells, and asking deep questions that move people toward their goals.  I'm energized by new ideas, and even more thrilled when I can help you realize yours in the context of a life that is expanding.

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach through CMI Global. I have completed a certification in StrengthsFinder coaching through Gallup, as well as their High Performance Team Leader course. I am knowledgeable in personality preferences using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC, and the Enneagram.


What my clients are saying

Kate is the best question-asker I know. Thanks to her guidance and coaching, I was able to step out of a small frame of thinking and launch two businesses, while creating a rhythm of work, rest and creativity that sustains my family.
— Mary
Kate is the perfect blend of positivity and wisdom. She will listen with an empathetic ear, take the time to fully understand people and situations, and use her deep wisdom to speak life, encouragement and provocation that has the potential to transform.
— Michelle
Kate has a knack for asking the right questions to help you go deeper, see from a new perspective, and surprise yourself with solutions. She has coached me often over the past 6 years and is my go to person when I need coaching help.
— Becky

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