Not meant for you

"In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." 

I ran across this quote, as I'm sure you have, on Pinterest the other day. While I highly doubt that Buddha actually said or wrote it, I can definitely find some wisdom  in it. I've been in a period of letting go of the things not meant for me, both in work and in my personal life (and the gray area in between). I've started a new role, but pieces of my old role have lingered, making it impossible for me to fully move on. I can't wait to pass on to the new mobilizer what's not mine to carry anymore.  I've started making healthier food choices, yet even in my dreams, my old ways call out to me. 

For those of you who started WholeAugust with me, I hope you're finding yourself in the same kind of predicament. We're two weeks in. The hardest parts of change  (sugar detox, lack of energy, first decisions) are probably over, but the awesome results (joy, calm, ease of rhythms) have not shown up just yet.

I said "I hope" because this is the perfect place to be. This beautiful in-betweeness brings the real change, as you have the initial changes out of the way and have to come face to face with the psychology of your old ways. Your mind decided to add new rhythms or give up unhealthy habits, but now your emotions and your memory are playing catch up. It's hard, at this point, to keep deciding to live in your new rhythms, especially if your initial expectations aren't being met. 

In my Whole30, it's been easier to see the results, as they are physically happening. I had a few days detox and was pretty much wiped out the whole first week. After that, I started gaining energy. I wake up and don't need coffee (although I still love it) to get me started or keep me going. My clothes are (just barely) starting to fit better and I sleep like I'm on nyquil. It's awesome. 

I've started to also see what's not meant for me anymore. Turns out that when I'm eating all the things I used to love (grains, dairy - CHEESE, and sugar), my body doesn't function this well. I've started to think that maybe these things weren't meant for me to eat. On my new food plan, I'm eating so many vegetables, good protein and enjoying fruits. My body is happy with these. I'm still tempted by the old stuff, but it's easier when I think about how it's not meant for me anymore. 

In your new rhythms, what are you letting go of that was not meant for you? 

Have you let go of toxic relationships to form healthy, encouraging ones? Have you let go of some of your free time to replace it with a yoga class or time with someone you care about? Have you let go of your old ways of eating or sleeping or exercising to find out what your body really needs and thrives on? 

I'd love to say I've let go gracefully. My middle name is Ann, which means "graceful", but I've always thought maybe there's another meaning. In making new rhythms, maybe gracefully letting go means that you have setbacks and really difficult days, but intentionally decide to keep moving forward. 

Take today to remind yourself that you've made it this far. You've started to let go of what's not going to make you healthy and whole, and to take on all the things that will. You are gracefully stumbling toward who you are meant to be.