Day 1: Motivated and Nervous

**Written from my favorite coffeehouse on Saturday, eating my (almost) Whole30 compliant breakfast.

**Written from my favorite coffeehouse on Saturday, eating my (almost) Whole30 compliant breakfast.

Last night, I said farewell to all my favorite food-friends. I went to Victory Sandwich in Decatur and included my person-friend, Martha, in the celebration/funeral. I ordered not 1, but 2 delicious adult beverages. I ate two of my favorite pint-sized sandwiches, one new and one beloved classic (w/fresh mozzarella, of course). One of the sandwiches even came on brioche. Oh brioche! I savored every bite of their spicy-savory-sweet ramen salad, it's peanuty sauce lingering on my lips. I have quite the love affair with food. Bread and cheese are my frenemies. 

This morning, I'm drinking black coffee and eating eggs, bacon, fruit and avocado. Not too shabby. Since August starts today, I'm "easing into" my Whole30 and WholeAugust over the weekend. You can definitely feel free to do the same, just make sure you take it through September 3rd instead of the 1st. Starting a new habit on a Monday works because I'm already motivated for the new week. I love having the weekend to prep and to talk myself up for all the great **healthy** food I'll be eating! Saturday is my new grocery day. Sunday, I'll be cooking up a bunch of delicious meals, all containing no dairy, grains, legumes or sugar. Preparation, for me, is key to success. 

Hopefully you've had time to think about what your goals will be for our WholeAugust. If not, go ahead and do that this morning. It's not too late! Pick one easy win - something you're super close to reaching if you would make a little extra effort. Then pick one challenge - something you've been longing for, wanting to do, or knowing you need to do, that might be a little harder to get done. Don't forget to share your goals with me using #WholeAugust and/or #GivingRhythms! 

This week, as you're starting work on your goals, I have 2 assignments for you. 

1) Pay attention to how you feel as you're giving up or adding something to your life. Do you feel deprived? Overwhelmed? Nervous about how you'll look to others? If you're adding a new life-giving rhythm, how does that make you feel?

Write down your emotions somewhere. Try to name them, and be specific. If you need help (sometimes adults are not as emotionally aware as we'd like to think), you can use this emotion chart. Seems silly, but it may come in handy. 

2) Pay attention to how you react to those emotions, particularly the negative ones. Do you lash out at your coworkers, as I will probably do sometime this week? (I'm perfect though, don't worry.) Do you withdraw? Do you blame yourself?

These reactions will be stronger in the first few days of learning a new habit. You're learning two! Give yourself some grace this week as you're in the detox and adjustment mode. Ask others for a little more grace as well. Remember how I said to write down your emotions? Leave space to write down your reactions as well. This will serve you well as you can look back and see how you're growing throughout this month. 

Know that we're doing this together. If you need extra encouragement this week, I'm happy to provide it! 

I’d love to hear from you! What will you do with your WholeAugust?

Post pictures and tell me your goals on Twitter and Instagram, with #WholeAugust and #GivingRhythms  

I’m excited to become more healthy and whole with you!