Friday Loves

Welcome to Friday Loves! These are the things I loved way too much to just "like" this week.

I love finding timely, beautiful, helpful content and making sure it gets seen by the people who need it. Thanks for letting me share my loves with you! 

Blog Love

Tuning My Ears to God’s Call at SheLoves Magazine | " will look like what you’re good at and what the world needs."

The Skill of Failing Intelligently at Live in the Grey | "Don’t worry if the shift in how you view and react to failure doesn’t change overnight. I’ve been a full-time failure for years..."

You are Significant With or Without a Significant Other from Shauna Niequist | "Being in a dating relationship or a marriage relationship doesn’t validate you or make you more. You are extraordinary, enough, more than enough."


Tweet Love

# Love

#brewthirty | Know that time between lunch and the end of the day? That second cup of coffee time? That's #brewthirty (2:30 every weekday), and @1000hillscoffee wants you to show them your brews!

Rhythm Love

One of my favorite #givingrhythms is buying fresh flowers every week to fill my office space, and I always give one arrangement away to a co-worker to adorn her desk as well. This week I went to Publix and was feeling ultra summery, so went with a mixed bouquet of green, orange and yellow and broke it up with fiery orange roses.

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