Friday Loves


Welcome to Friday Loves! These are the things I loved way too much to just "like" this week.

I love finding timely, beautiful, helpful content and making sure it gets seen by the people who need it. Thanks for letting me share my loves with you! 

Blog Love

Great Things (Pt. 1) at Medici Project | "Great things are done in a great way by those who would rather be doing small things in quiet ways..."

So, What's Next? at Darling Magazine | "There is a certain beauty that comes from a woman who is confident and unwavering about the path set before her."

What if Christians Stopped Serving Out of Guilt? at Storyline | "I’m debating cutting back on the ought to’s and ramping up the fun in serving others."


Tweet Love

I can always count on @niabake for a concise yet courageous tweet.  

I can always count on @niabake for a concise yet courageous tweet.  

Book Love

Fire Starter Sessions, Danielle LaPorte - a good healthy mix of dreaming and butt-kicking in every chapter, with reflection questions to help you find "success on your own terms." 

Shop Love

Two shops to love this week, both on Etsy! 


Art from Julie Ann McKevitt  

Local ATLien, creative soul sister - now you can own a piece of her heart on canvas! 

I'm picking up a print of the piece pictured on Monday and I am beyond excited! 

Reclaimed wood furniture by HIFI

If you live in the Austin area and haven't bought one of these gorgeous tables or chairs yet, get on it! These pieces are bound to sell fast. Local pickup only (sorry, rest of the world). 

HIFI's co-creator, Justine, was featured in Restoration Happens.  


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