Remembering you

I was on the phone with a friend, excitedly explaining this new concept of rhythms, when I realized I had very little idea what mine would actually be. 

“I’ve been going through the motions, doing what I had to do to survive for so long that I’ve forgotten what I actually like doing.”

I’m a very passionate person, with a wide array of activities, talents and hobbies, but I had been walking around like a zombie, just barely getting by for a long time.  Suddenly this conversation shook me, and I realized that I had to remember who I was and what made me come alive.

Who were you when you were at your best? What were you doing? What did your schedule look like? Who was around?

What is uniquely and essentially you that you can’t live fully without?

“There is something like that in all of us – something so essential to who we are and who God made us to be that we cannot set it aside without imploding.”

– Ruth Hayley Barton, Sacred Rhythms

Sometimes a little trial and error is necessary to get to the essence of the rhythms you need. In college and the years following, I loved swing dancing. I would go to 3 or more dances a week! When I started my search for rhythms, I tried to get back into swing dancing, knowing that it was really life-giving to me for a long time. I went to a few dances around Atlanta, but they all ran late and I was exhausted the next day at work!

I reflected on why swing dancing gave me so much life before, but wasn’t working at this time. When I looked closer, I saw that swing dancing was a connection to community paired with great exercise. When I replaced swing dancing with CrossFit, I found both community and a physical activity that I loved doing, and that rhythm actually worked.

Take some time to remember who you are, and what is essential to you. What can’t you set aside or live without? When you have some ideas, try them and see how they fit. Look deeper to find what you actually need, and how your activities, schedule and rhythms can meet those deeper desires.